pictures from the airplane going to King Salmon

This is Mt. Redoubt. See the steam and smoke. Ooooo. Aaaaaaa. Neat-o.

This is Mt Redoubt again. I have heard that the top might actually blow in the next month or two as the ice and snow cap collapse on itself. Which might make travel to and from Anchorage a bit harder.
This is the King Salmon Visitor Center. I was stuck there for too long. You can’t tell because it looks like I was smiling, but I was actually pretty angry that I was stuck there. That was the second time that day I had been to King Salmon. Also in this picture is Thresa, she is new to Dillingham and isn’t used to this kind of stuff either.
I did buy some post cards inside. I haven’t sent them out yet. But I will.

This is the mountains between Anchorage and Dillingham.

WOW! So that was my adventures in King Salmon.

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  1. Aaron

    I guess my blog post from yesterday shamed Samara into belatedly posting pictures of her side-trip to King Salmon from last month.

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