Anchorage again

Ah, Anchorage.

I had my last and final training for positive behavioral support last week. I am very thankful the training is over, but I will miss the monthly trips to Anchorage. This time I spent an extra day there with nothing to do, but go shopping and drive around. It was sunny and about 70 degrees while I was there. I was even wearing sandals the whole time. The snow was completely gone. Actually, the snow was gone last month and this time everything was green. There was green grass and leaves on the trees and the snow was slowly fading from the mountain tops.

As it turns out, I really like Anchorage. It’s not a bad town. It’s easy to drive in. And it has all the wildlife and outdoorsy stuff that Alaska is known for while still having a mall and a large grocery store. If we decide to stay in Alaska, I think I would want to move to Anchorage.

After my stay in Anchorage, I returned home to Dillingham. It was so cold when I stepped off the plane, I could see my breath. I was wearing flip flops and just a tank top with a cardigan over it. It was cold, rainy and brown. It’s hard to tell that spring is here other than the snow is gone. It was just so hard to leave the beautiful weather to come back to the mud and all the brown in Dillingham.

I am very lucky that my job allows me to go outside Dillingham for trainings. For instance, I will be leaving on Sunday for Fairbanks. And since Aaron isn’t as lucky as I am about training, I talked him in to shelling out the money for him a ticket so he could go with me. YAY! So this trip will be the first time Aaron has left Dillingham since we arrived back in August. He’s pretty excited about going out to eat, fountain sodas, movies and shopping. Plus we have about 3 extra days of nothing to do but sight-see around Fairbanks. We are planning to take a trip to Denali National Park and do other touristy things… but there will be more on that later this week.