Fairbanks Vacation – Wednesday

Not much to report for Wednesday. Samara did her first day of Cultural Recognition blah-di-blah… whatever it was called. (You know, her seminar on how not to be the white oppressor.) She was gone from 8am until dinner. I ran around town and did a little shopping, but nothing too exciting to speak of.

I did finish reading Into The Wild, about the guy that lived in a bus up here in the Alaska bush and died of starvation. Turns out that the bus he lived on isn’t far off the beaten path, and is between here and Denali. So while Samara is at her training tomorrow, I’m going to drive down there and do a little hiking to see if I can find where the guy was living. It should make for an interesting blog post with some pictures. It will also let me try out some of my new hiking equipment.

I’d post more, but the wireless internet at the Pike’s Landing cabins doesn’t reach to the actual cabins. I’m sitting outside right now to get internet access, and it’s gotten kind of chilly.

More tomorrow, I promise!

One thought on “Fairbanks Vacation – Wednesday

  1. Samara

    It was “knowing and Understanding Alaska Native Culture” training. And it was a really nice training with a drum circle and native dancing.

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