Our 6th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. We celebrated by taking a long lunch at the local hot spot known as the Muddy Rudder. Aaron ordered the halibut sandwich and I got the patty melt. We then went home and played internet and watched tv before we had to head back work. I then stayed late at work due to a all staff meeting. When I finally managed my way back to the house, we had company. And then we went to go look at some new and different rental property. We then drove to the local grocery store for slushies. All and all, it was a pretty good day.

There was this one year, we were pretty poor. I think it was about 3 years ago when Aaron and I both were in school and for our anniversary dinner we went to Long John’s Silver. It was super cheesey, but it didn’t matter. We were in it together and I knew that we weren’t going to be poor and in school forever. Now, we’re out of school and not as poor, but still poor and very happy.