Moving, vandalism and other things that have happened

First, I realize we haven’t blogged in over a month. There is a good reason for that–we’re pretty lazy and we were in the process of moving from our posh Dillingham Apartment to a cozy house by the airport. (You understood that cozy meant small, right?) Anyway, we were taking our time moving since the house needed some fixing and we are now property managers for that place and 4 other houses. Aaron fixed the moldy floor and put down new peel ‘n stick tile down.

It looks pretty good. And We painted just about every surface of the house that could possible hold paint. I think we did a pretty good job. Now the only problem I have is storage. There is almost no storage space. No closets, very few cupboards and as it turns out the washer and dryer doesn’t work.

But free rent, you can’t really do too bad with free rent.

As it turns out my coworker lives in one of the rental properties we manage. This is how the not-so-harmful vandalism started. I had extra paint from painting all the walls, so I thought it would be cute to paint some of the rocks in her flower garden.

So she painted some rocks in my driveway and around my porch.

So then I painted her bird house and the side of her porch.

And she glued magazine ads to my newly painted red door–they came off, the paint was dry and not harmed.

So then I painted clam shells and glued them around her door from. (Sorry I don’t have pictures of this.) But this has been going on since before we moved it. I am hoping that we will call a truce soon or else the houses are going to look pretty funky and not in a good way.

In other news, we made it through the summer solstice and the sun is starting to set earlier and earlier every day. I have proof that there is a moon, which I was starting to doubt for a while.

Aaron and I took a drive out to the harbor while the weather was still good and we actually got to see a sunset. It was probably close to midnight, but we hadn’t been awake to see a sunset in a few months. It’s seems wrong to stay up until 2am to watch the sun kinda set.