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Going away party in Lexington

We had a small going away party here in Lexington. Allen hosted it at his house and his mom bought us a cake. No, I don’t have pictures of the cake, but it was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and it had a picture of an igloo on it and a little guy in a parka. It was very cute and very tasty. From left to right: Brad, JD, EV, Aaron and part of Kieran.

From left to right: the rest of Kieran, Andrew, Jonathan, Paul, Jeffery and Zack.

There are a few people that are not pictured: Kirsten, Violet, Allen, Natalie, Matt, Dennis, Teddy, Abi, Juicy Ann, Anne Ohdaddy and myself.

I will miss my friends more than I will miss anything in Lexington. More than I will miss the shopping, the restaurants, or the other stuff that is in lexington. *HUGS*